Time to Register for FALL Martial Arts!

Yes, it is Time to Register for FALL Martial Arts.  Notice I didn’t say fall activities.  Why you ask?  Because our martial arts programs are not designed to be an activity.  Activities are something you put your child into that is a short term experience.  There is nothing wrong with a 6 week swimming program or a horseback riding camp.  But our Karate for Kids program is a lifestyle that will benefit your child  much more than an activity.

young girl and boy in karate uniforms
Register for Fall Now!

Better Grades, Better Focus, Better Confidence…these are benefits that can only come from an ongoing life skill emphasized program.  We have students that started with us as young children who were unfocused in class and struggling academically.  After years of training with us and learning how to block out distractions and persevere with a Black Belt Attitude, these students are now excelling at school.  We have several that have won not only academic awards but students service and attitude ones as well.

Register Now for Fall!

As a martial artist, I’m celebrating my 35th year of taekwondo.  I never dreamed that it would turn into a life long passion and career when I first registered for classes!  Students ask me what is the part of the martial arts that I love the most…my answer is not about my personal accomplishments but rather the accomplishments of my students!  I have Black Belt students that are lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, managers etc.  When I see how our programs have enhanced their lives I feel truly blessed to have been a part of those influences.

If your child (ren) have struggled in school with lack of focus or discipline you need to register them in our program!  If members of your family have been bullied at school or work, you need to take our classes and see how our programs can help you defeat the bully!  The earlier you start your family in our program the greater the potential for success later on.  Don’t wait.

I believe that in every class in every local school there is a leader.  The problem is that most of those leaders are the bullies or major negative influences.  My goal is to have one of our Black Belt Leaders in every class in every Surrey School!  Our Leadership Program gives our students confidence and the skills to be the positive influence in the classroom.

Don’t wait…Register Now before classes are full.  Call 604 590-5425.  The next 10 new students to Register will receive our Special 35th Anniversary Discount – Register for only $35!


Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk
7th Degree Black Belt