Tournament this Saturday – Last Chance to Register!

DREAM, ASPIRE, ACHIEVE 2018 Tournament this Saturday!  This is your last chance to Register (Thursday)

Hosted by Cloverdale Black Belt Academy

Saturday December 1st – Langley Christian School Gym

Why should I go to a tournament?

  • I will get to make new friends
  • I will be able to test my skills in a friendly environment
  • I will definitely be proud of myself for entering
  • I will receive an award for having the courage to compete!
  • I will be representing my school
  • I will be supporting my instructor

Don’t Miss Out!

What will I be expected to do?

  • I can perform the form I am currently working on in my school (if I am a Tiger, there will be an assistant there to help me)
  • I can compete in weapons with my instructor’s permission
  • If I have my full safety gear I can compete in sparring
  • I will be in a division with other students my age, rank, and sex (except Tigers)
  • I will be refereed by Black Belts (like my own instructor) who have attended special referee seminars. They know my goal is to do the best that I can do and will support me in that goal.
  • If this is your first tournament, register in the NOVICE DIVISION where the Judges job is to make you feel comfortable, assist you and help you to have a great first tournament experience!

How do I register?

  • I simply need to pick up a registration form from my instructor
  • I need to fill it out and sign it (or have my parents sign it if I am under 19 years)
  • I hand back my completed registration and fee to my instructor by Thursday November 29th. *NOTE: To save the staff time, please complete registration at home.  We will double check that everything is correct but not during class time.  Attach Check or Cash according to the Tournament Flyer costs.

What can I expect on Tournament Day?

  • Arrive according to the Schedule of Events in time to get changed (if not already in uniform) and find a “spot” for your sparring gear, weapons and family.
  • Judges Meeting starts at 8:00 am sharp!
  • The line up and opening ceremonies will start at 8:30 am and includes all competitors and judges (you do not need to bring your sparring gear or weapons with you for line up).
  • Your division will take approximately 45 – 90 minutes. You can leave when your division is finished or stay to cheer for the Black Belts and other friends.
  • When you are not competing, you can watch and cheer on your friends, get an autograph or picture from one of the Masters, buy souvenirs or food, watch the Black Belt competition, or many other exciting activities!!