Upcoming Events and Moms/Daughters Self Defense!

Upcoming Events and Moms/Daughters Self Defense

Saturday May 11th, 9:30—11 AM

This Seminar is for Ladies, Moms & their daughters aged 9+.  Everyone is encouraged to register with a friend or child as a partner to train with.  No previous experience necessary and all fitness levels applicable.  Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.  No shorts or tank tops.  Seminar Instructor:  Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk, 7th Degree Black Belt BA Education.

FREE for Academy Families & Friends

if Registered by April 26th

(Regular $57.00 per person)


Belt Exam Registrations are now being handed out!  If you haven’t received yours yet, please speak with Mr. Wilson or Master Karpiuk.  Our Special Guest will be Master Hallie Fraser, 7th Black Belt from Maple Ridge.

Saturday April 27th

 9:30 AM Ages 4 – 9 All Levels

11:00 AM Ages 10 – 12 All Levels

12:30 PM 13+ All Levels

There will be NO REGULAR CLASSES on Belt Exam Days!