Will you have 2020 Vision next year?

Will your VISION be 2020 next year?  

As we move into a brand new Decade it is a perfect time to set your vision.  Of course, 2020 vision would be perfect for everyone to have.

My 2020 Vision  is to have a confident Black Belt Leader in every classroom throughout Surrey and Delta!

This will decrease bullying of our children.  This will increase the focus and respect for our teachers!

Your children will also get better grades and less homework with Award Winning Lifeskill Curriculum.

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Includes:  Private Lesson, 7 Weeks of Classes, Uniform, 1st Belt Exam

(Save over $150.00!)

Ages 4+

Limited Offer – Expires December 31st.

New Members Only.

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Merry Christmas

Master Karpiuk

“Better Grades, Focus & Family Fun since 1991!”