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If you are looking for an activity where you or your family can:

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Chief Master Scott Karpiuk

On July 14th, our Academy Director tested in front of several ATA Grand Masters at World Championships in Phoenix Arizona. On the 8th day of the 8th month this year, Chief Master Karpiuk received his 8th Degree Black Belt. We are proud of not only his personal accomplishment but the example he has set for his students to follow. Master Karpiuk has several 7th, 6th, 5th, and 4th Degree Black Belt students and Masters that continue to push him on his journey of Faith and martial arts.

In July 2014 Chief Master Karpiuk received his Senior Mastership Title from Grand Master In Ho Lee in Little Rock Arkansas one year after earning his 7th Degree Black Belt.

On June 17th 2005, Scott Karpiuk received his Mastership Title from Grand Master Soon Ho Lee and the World Traditional Taekwondo Union. Master Karpiuk was a member of the largest mastership class in ATA’s history, and is the first ever Master from Canada. The induction ceremony took place during Opening Ceremonies for World Championships in Little Rock Arkansas. Over 10,000 spectators witnessed this historic event which centred around the 50th Anniversary of Taekwondo.

Master Karpiuk started his training at Baptist Bible College, Springfield Missouri in 1984. In addition to martial arts training, Master Karpiuk graduated with an Education Degree from the college. He received his Taekwondo instructorship in 1987 while attending the first ever Instructor’s Camp in South Korea.

With over 30 years of experience in martial arts, in addition to a degree in secondary education, Chief Master Karpiuk is known for his excellence in instruction, and his ability to bring out the best in his students.

Master Karpiuk has traveled extensively across the United States, to the Philippines and Europe teaching and demonstrating Taekwondo. As an original member of the Breaking Point Demonstration Team, Springfield Missouri, he has used martial arts as an opportunity to speak to young people about making positive life choices and how to deal with drugs, alcohol and peer pressure. Master Karpiuk was instrumental in bringing Grand Master Lee’s style of Taekwondo to Canada.

Chief Master Karpiuk has operated successful schools in the Lower Mainland since 1991. Many of his students have followed in his footsteps and have also opened schools in Fraser Heights, Delta, Langley, Walnut Grove, Richmond and Cloverdale B.C.

Chief Master Karpiuk is married to his wife Susan and together they have four boys and one girl. He gives credit to his success to his faithful students, his loving family and his personal relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why Choose Black Belt Academy?

Welcome To The Exciting World Of Martial Arts Leadership!

Black Belt Academy trains men, women, girls and boys in Korean Karate, also known as Taekwondo. We help our students to develop the self-confidence, the discipline and the skills to become who they were born to be. In all our Programs and Classes, it is our goal to develop student’s character as well as developing their skills. Our Instructors are dedicated and trained to maximize their motivation, interest and enjoyment! Our Leadership Program has helped developed students into teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and many other successful walks of life!

Better Grades, Focus & Family Fun – Since 1991!

Our staff are dedicated to the healthy development of children, teens and adults. The Karate for Kids system is designed to teach lifelong learning skills as well as technical skills.

We have a reward system that improves children’s self-esteem. Our program teaches them discipline and focus while obtaining self-defense skills including Bully Prevention and Stranger Danger! Our low student to instructor ratio promotes a healthy learning atmosphere and allows family members to train together!

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members Say About Our Programs

Yanina S.

Navi, age 5, started in the Basic Program this past January. He had a lot of anxiety and needed to learn to self-regulate, manage his emotions and better coordinate his movements. He has flourished in the program! He loves it a lot and gains confidence after each class. He just received his orange belt and was able to overcome his anxiety at the belt exam!

Tara Black

Best thing that has every happened to my daughter. Instructors are very easy going and understanding. Everyone makes you feel welcome.

Punit B.

I came here as a tiny tiger, and from there to my third degree in black belt I trained with Master Karpiuk. I learned a lot from this experience and I recommend every child to learn and be apart of this academy, I have learned many life lessons, and added to my confidence here. So so thankful for this school and all of the staff that taught me for years. From Master Karpiuk: Thanks Punit! It was a pleasure to teach you and your twin sister. I am so happy to hear that you have not only one degree in accounting, but are almost finished your law degree as well. In England to boot! Awesome.