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Bullying: Truth, Myths, and What to Do

Amazon Book Launch today for Bullying:  Truth, Myths, and What to Do.  By Dr. Greg Moody, my friend and fellow martial artist.

My friend, Chief Master Moody, is launching his new book “Bullying: Truth, Myths and What to do.” today on Amazon. Would you consider helping him reach parents all over N. America by purchasing a Kindle Copy for only $1.32? ($.99 US)

I was bullied in middle school and was one of the reasons that I started training in martial arts. Together, we can help stop this epidemic that is harming our children!

Help Master Moody with his Book Launch today. Thanks in advance for supporting me as I support my friend to help stop bullying!

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Bullying is the most common danger affecting children today. One in three kids are affected by bullying at any given time. Unfortunately, just about all strategies (in elementary schools, churches, and in “common knowledge”) do not work and are based on myths and misperceptions that can damage children in severe and profound ways. You probably have it all wrong. This book will reveal these very common, damaging myths and show the real research and data that will help parents, educators, and anyone who wants to help kids!

“Greg Moody has always been at the forefront of developing new programs to help people in martial arts. He has been instrumental, both in Arizona and now world-wide in developing marketing and business plans and more recently in the development of a Bullying Prevention program. I have seen first hand, the impact that his Bullying Prevention programs have had on children training at martial arts schools across the country and how martial arts instructors have been able to easily incorporate his programs into their own curriculum.” – Sarah Perry, Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Chief Master Scott Karpiuk, 8th Degree Black Belt
Academy Director

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