Academy Students Perform Well at Local Tournament!

Academy Students Perform Well at Local Tournament!  On Saturday Dec. 3rd, our Academy Students participated in the first post covid local tournament.  It was held in South Surrey.  Academy Students Perform Well at Local Tournament!  Over 25 students registered and competed.  There were a total of 288 competitors coming from as far away as Oregon!

With over 700 in attendance (competitors, spectators and judges), the atmosphere was a bit intimidating.  But our academy students perform well.  Many placed in multiple events.  Our Academy students competed in events like form, sparring, weapons, combat weapons and creative form/weapons.  Many of our academy students competed in recreational and championship divisions.  Recreational divisions had students competing for the first time that may need some guidance from the judges.  Championship divisions are for the seasoned competitor trying to earn Provincial and District points.

Our instructors are very proud of the confidence and Black Belt attitude our students displayed!  The students spent extra time preparing their competition skills both at the academy and at home.  Grand Master Lee’s tournament moto is “To compete is to win”.  Chief Master Nominee Karpiuk (Academy Director) instructed his students to have fun, meet new people and perform the best they could.  If they won a medal, that is just a bonus.  But it is more important to represent Newton Black Belt Academy by demonstrating your Best Black Belt Attitude!  Our Academy Students perform well due to practicing keys like this.

Thanks to the tournament hosts, Sr. Masters David and Karen Bennett of Cloverdale.  They took on the challenge of hosting the first ATA Canadian tournament post covid.  It takes much planning and sacrifice to put together an event of this magnitude.  And they do this for the benefit of our regional schools and their students.  Thanks Masters Bennett!

We would also like to thank Master Michael Bennett who not only MC’d the opening ceremonies but also lead in the singing of both the US and Canadian Anthems!  He is a very talented young man operating on not much sleep (he has a new baby!).  Thanks also to all of the judges and students who travelled up from the US to support this event.

Thanks to all of the Newton Academy instructors and assistant instructors for preparing our students!  Mr. Timothy Millard, Mr. Bruce McCann, Mr. Nathan Ng, Mr. Samuel Ng, Mrs. Natasha Millard, Ms. Isha Kumar and Ms. Avani Kumar.

Last, we would like to thank all of the parents and grandparents who supported our students in preparation and competition.  Without you, our students wouldn’t get these type of valuable experiences!

Submitted by

Chief Master Nominee Scott Karpiuk
8th Degree Black Belt
ATA International Judge