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Every Reason to Try Martial Arts for Men: #1 – You’ll Love It!

The Men’s Martial Arts classes at Black Belt Academy are perfect for young men, middle aged men, and senior men interested in a lifestyle pursuit that leads to overall better fitness, resistance to illness, relaxation and de-stressing, and potentially life-saving self-defense abilities. Caring teachers and classmates make training fun, productive, realistic, and motivating. Guys of all ages and sizes from the Surrey/Newton area choose to improve themselves training here with friends and caring, experienced instructors.

We provide a proven, industry-leading curriculum and rank system under the guidance of Martial Arts expert and Chief Master Karpiuk. The Martial Arts for Men program – like other classes in our school – was designed by industry pioneers with a singular purpose: teaching you in diverse ways to become, be, and bring out your best in any, every, and all situations for “personal victory” and a more successful life! At Black Belt Academy in Newton we guide students as a team and individually into greater self-confidence, a healthier body, image, and lifestyle, better social skills, Martial Arts prowess, and much more through traditional Martial Arts training.

An adult class for men frequently provides students with “real life” self-defense situations and scenarios, because mastery of basic and advanced skills requires steady training with practical application. The workouts also teach students a way to relax, focus, and better manage the stresses that come with life. The Martial Arts for Men classes at the Black Belt Academy facility feature much more than just kicking and punching of course – classes are exciting because we train in diverse ways.

CM Karpiuk & World Champions

The top quality Martial Arts experience at Black Belt Academy improves men’s bodily systems and functions over time too. Students notice steady, gradual changes in their flexibility, core strength, endurance, and physiques – and most approve heartily! Self-defense techniques are taught in a safe and enjoyable environment, with practical application of your Martial Arts moves rehearsed to the point of muscle memory and automatic reflex. We aim to help every willing individual to:

  • Set smart goals,
  • Make a plan and schedule to reach them,
  • Persevere until you win those “personal victories” in Martial Arts and in other aspects of life.

Many men who join the program become loyal, life-long fans as practitioners, competitors, and even instructors themselves. Quite a few become more active and engaged in their communities, taking leadership roles to improve situations, running for office, addressing needs, and more. Many get their ‘significant others’ or families training together for even more enjoyment and sharing the benefits.

Call us today or use the contact form to receive your personal invitation to tour our facility, meet our instructors, and get an incredibly valuable introductory offer!

Call and Register for our Father’s and Child Self Defense Class on June 15th – 604 590-5425

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Chief Master Karpiuk, 8th Degree Black Belt
Academy Director, BA Education