FREE Bully Prevention Class September 30th

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Help your child start the year off with better confidence and tools to stop the Bully in their tracks!  Chief Master Karpiuk has been teaching Bully Prevention for decades in the Surrey area.  Your child will not only learn important strategies, they will have fun at the same time!

Check in 12:50 pm.  Class 1 – 2pm

Ages 7+

At least one (both is better) parent/guardian needs to be present during the class.


“Building Leaders for Life”

Master Karpiuk started his martial arts training in 1984.  One of the reasons was that he was bullied in Junior High.  He didn’t have all the tools back then to deal with those situations.  He has travelled extensively across the US and abroad teaching thousands of students how to have more confidence, better focus and discipline.  All traits that are important in dealing with bullies.  Not to mention getting better grades at school!

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Chief Master Karpiuk, 8th Degree Black Belt
Academy Director