Pre-School Kids Empowered Through Martial Arts Designed Just For Them

Martial Arts programs are great tools for getting your child started on a lifelong course of physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

Karate Kid / Tiger

Here at Newton Black Belt Academy, pre-school kids develop self-confidence and self-esteem learning Martial Arts in an environment designed especially for children. Newton Black Belt Academy preschool students learn valuable lessons that positively impact the rest of their lives. Children develop important life skills and use them at home and at school. Even your child’s teacher will notice the difference when he or she begins training in our top quality Pre-School Karate Kids program.

Attributes like respect and self-discipline become character-building habits at Newton Black Belt Academy. Students training at the Newton Black Belt Academy facility in Surrey, BC learn to respect one another as well as teachers, parents, and instructors. Friendship, trust, and teamwork between instructors and students invariably lead to stronger minds and bodies for preschool age Karate kids.

With the focus on developing mindfulness (traits like concentration and awareness), our experienced instructors prepare preschoolers for successful performance in athletics and academics as well. Teachers and parents soon notice the benefits of training in and out of the classroom. Classes taught by our world class staff, lead by expert Martial Arts instructor Chief Master Karpiuk, give students the tools needed to memorize forms (patterns and sequences of movements), basic and advanced techniques, and the quality aspects of our Martial Art. Continual practice of core concepts helps pre-school age children develop memorization and other skills essential for successful pursuits in all aspects of their lives.

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Chief Master Karpiuk, 8th Degree Black Belt
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