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Jaynas Prasad

Being at the Black Belt Academy, my boys, Jayesh (on target for 1st degree black belt) and Jordan (testing for 3rd degree black belt), improved on leadership skills, concentration & focus, and strength & stamina. I have seen my boys showing greater respect to everyone, specially to women. This has also given them confidence and self-esteem. Noticing greater self-discipline in them, I decided to join the program as well. The instructors are certified, experts, and professionals. Benefits of being in this community is amazing!

Jen K.

After about 16 months we see how much Ludovic, age 12, has improved. Not only his moves (kicks are higher for example) but also and most of all, his attitude. He has more self-confidence. Because of this confidence he has less anxiety at school (he is not stressed about oral presentations) and is getting more and more independent and responsible in his home duties.

Charlene H.

Lucas, age 14, signed up in Sept. 2011. He is now a 2nd Degree Black Belt and is excited to test for 3rd Degree one day. Since joining he has learned to concentrate – leading to his grades improving. He is now a STRAIGHT A STUDENT!

Gavin Sidhu

Having been a Martial Arts practitioner in Shotokan karate for many years, I joined the ATA Black Belt Academy with my 3 children to learn the art of Tae Kwon Do. It has been an awesome experience to be back in the dojo with great instructors and for my children, life changing. They have adapted to a new life of ‘Martial Arts’ with great enthusiasm. We trained all the way through the pandemic via online zoom classes. Master Karpiuk ensured there was no interruption to our training. We are aged from 4 through to 45 years old and are able to train as a family, it’s great to be able to share a common interest that is so fulfilling, all thanks to the staff and instructors. I would highly recommend ATA Black Belt Academy to everyone!

Deb S.

As a mom participating in Taekwondo with my sons, I am eternally grateful for the huge impact made on the development of my son’s lives as well as mine! My boys show respect and self control throughout all areas of their lives. I have gained confidence and we have all reached goals we didn’t think we could in martial arts! I highly recommend Newton Black Belt Academy!

Mike W.

At the onset of the program, Cameron (age 8 at the time) had trouble expressing his feelings in school. There were several phone calls from the principal. After his first year of Taekwondo he was recognized by his educators as the most improved student in his grade! He is now a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Shabana Ali

Eliza is 6 years, She came in from another school of karate initially she did not wanted to join but now she loves hi school online and in class.  ATA is a very professional school I like the instructors because they are very precise and they pay attention on each students very well I would recommend this is school to anyone and everyone.

Tara Black

Best thing that has every happened to my daughter. Instructors are very easy going and understanding. Everyone makes you feel welcome.

Punit B.

I came here as a tiny tiger, and from there to my third degree in black belt I trained with Master Karpiuk. I learned a lot from this experience and I recommend every child to learn and be apart of this academy, I have learned many life lessons, and added to my confidence here. So so thankful for this school and all of the staff that taught me for years. From Master Karpiuk: Thanks Punit! It was a pleasure to teach you and your twin sister. I am so happy to hear that you have not only one degree in accounting, but are almost finished your law degree as well. In England to boot! Awesome.

Hasina W.

In the 3 years Armaan has been attending Newton Black Belt Academy, I have seen an enormous transformation in my son! He has gone from a tentative, shy boy to a disciplined, more confident young man who more comfortably asserts himself in school and many other life situations. There is no monetary value that can be placed on the many ways his successes at ATA have affected his ability to shine in other aspects in his life and I know he will carry these skills throughout his life. Thank you Newton Black Belt Academy!

Yanina S.

Navi, age 5, started in the Basic Program this past January. He had a lot of anxiety and needed to learn to self-regulate, manage his emotions and better coordinate his movements. He has flourished in the program! He loves it a lot and gains confidence after each class. He just received his orange belt and was able to overcome his anxiety at the belt exam!