ATA Regional High Rank Testing

ATA Regional High Rank Testing.

On Saturday September 24th at Maple Ridge Karate for Kids, an ATA Regional High Rank Testing was held.  Black Belts from 1st Degree through 5th Degree performed Mid-Term examinations and testing to higher ranks.  All of these Black Belts have continued to set goals in their journey toward Black Belt Excellence.  This was the first ATA High Rank Testing held since before the pandemic.

Instructors who have set goals for higher ranks do so in part to lead by example.  Their students from across the lower mainland had a chance to cheer their instructors on in person and on Facebook live!   It was an exciting event that show cased taekwondo forms, sparring, weapons, self-defense and board breaking.  Doing a Mid-Term examination was Mr. John Forrest who is in his mid 70’s!  What an example Sir.

This ATA Regional High Rank Testing was judged by the following Senior Instructors:  5th Degree Black Belt Mr. Todd Nadeau from Abbotsford, 6th Degree Black Belt Master Candidate Mr. Mark Wilson from Surrey, 6th Degree Master Lorne Davidson from White Rock, 7th Degree Black Belt Sr. Master Hallie Fraser from Maple Ridge and 8th Degree Black Belt Chief Master Candidate Scott Karpiuk from Surrey.

ATA Regional High Rank Testing
ATA Regional High Rank Testing

Thanks also to 5th Degree Black Belt Mr. Nick White for conducting the high rank testing.  He was also the host as the event was held at his Maple Ridge Karate for Kids school.

This Saturday October 1st, Chief Master Candidate Scott Karpiuk will be performing a Pre-testing seminar for students preparing to test for 1st and 2nd Degree Black Belt at the end of October.  Students will have to endure 4+ hours of training in addition to written material including their personal journey to Black Belt.  Candidates must also have their parents complete a survey indicating the improvements in Focus, Confidence and Discipline their children have gained from the program.  Parents and students must also write out their goals for their future training as a Black Belt.

These Black Belt Candidates will test at their training facility, Newton Black Belt Academy.  The hope is that one day they too will participate in an ATA High Rank Regional Testing.

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Chief Master Candidate
Scott Karpiuk, 8th Degree Black Belt
ATA International Judge

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