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End of the Year Beginner Martial Arts Special!

4 Weeks for ONLY $197

End of the Year Beginner Martial Arts Special at Newton Black Belt Academy in Surrey BC.


1 – 2 Lessons Per Week for Four Weeks starting this January!

Official Student Uniform
Orientation Lesson
White Belt Exam

New Students Only!  Register Here

Chief Master & New Black Belts!

Ages 5+ Limited Space.

Register Now!  We have beginner classes 6 days per week both after school and in the evening!  Your child will grow in confidence, focus and strength.  At Newton Black Belt Academy in Surrey BC, we take pride in our programs and our students!  Read what our Parents are saying:

“I came here as a tiny tiger, and from there to my third degree in black belt I trained with Master Karpiuk. I learned a lot from this experience and I recommend every child to learn and be apart of this academy, I have learned many life lessons, and added to my confidence here. So so thankful for this school and all of the staff that taught me for years.” Punit B.

“One of the best Academy. Our boys are improving day by day and learning new skills.  Thanks to the staff who encourage and guide them. Both are looking forward to get their 2nd degree black belt.😊”  Mr. K. about his two boys who just earned their 1st Degree Black Belts.

“We are thankful to the academy to give the kids such a disciplined environment to learn and grow.”  Mrs. S. about her two girls.

“The program has helped my daughter. At first she was adamant to join but as time went on, she enjoyed it. We started with Basic then Blackbelt now she is in Leadership. I have noticed that her self confidence has increased, she has been more proactive at home and in school her grades went up. The instructors are awesome making the environment safe, fun and friendly, she is always looking forward to join, learn more and one day, she has been telling me, teach other kids.” Ace about his daughter.

Submitted by

Chief Master Scott Karpiuk
Academy Director, 8th Degree Black Belt

New Black Belt Kiara!

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