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Leadership Life Skills

Over Christmas break, the Academy was closed.  This annual closing gives a chance for everyone including staff and parents, to have some much needed rest!  But we still held a couple of seminars including Leadership Life Skills at Newton Black Belt Academy in Surrey.

Leadership Life Skills is important for the success of a child.  Not only in martial arts, but in general.  Leadership Life Skills increase a student’s confidence and discipline.  Black Belt Academy’s Leadership Program is the most popular for our students!

The seminar included the students working one on one and in small groups.  They were given tasks to discuss and develop in their groups.  They worked on creating and adjusting exercises, self defense and sparring combinations.  They took turns teaching one another which is the Leadership Life Skill of Communication among others.  The instructors also taught the students some advanced kicking combinations.  We also took time to eat pizza together.  Eating a meal together is a healthy way to create community and belonging.  As you see in the photos, we also spend time learning the important Life Skill of cleaning.

Leadership Members
Leadership Members learning to Vacuum!
Life Skill of Cleaning
Life Skill of Cleaning!








Some got to use a vacuum cleaner for the first time!

Leadership Life Skills taught at Black Belt Academy in Newton, Surrey, is only some of the benefits of ATA martial arts.  It is very fulfilling when a former student comes in to say Hi to Master Karpiuk or sends an email.  All of the instructors are interested in how the Leadership Life Skills have assisted students once they leave Black Belt Academy.  We have Black Belts that have gone on to become elite police officers with local police and the RCMP.  Others have become lawyers, teachers, accountants, engineers plus a host of other white and blue collar careers.  We have one former student working on his PHD at SFU in the field of Chemistry.

Legacy Assistant Instructors

If you are a former student please email Chief Master Karpiuk to let him know what you are doing in life!  He might even invite you to come back for a class or sit as a judge at a Belt Exam.

2024 New Student Special…2 Weeks of Classes for $20.24!  Limited Space, some restrictions apply.  Call 604 590-KICK (5425) now to register.



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Leadership Life Skill Seminar

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