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Join us this Saturday at our Open House!

For students Aged 5+ / Families Welcome


Must Register – Limited Space

1:30 – 2:30 PM

Please show up on time so our Instructors can give you a brief tour, explain how our programs work and then teach your family an exciting introductory class!

AT Newton Black Belt Academy, our instructors take care teaching your family with our Award Winning ATA Programs.  Do you want your child to have better success at school?  Would you like them to have more respect at home?  Kids these days also need more fitness and our programs accomplish all of the above.  Plus more!

Teen / Adult Fitness

Tigers aged 5 & 6 learn how to follow instruction and to do this with purposeful distractions.  Our teaching methods help our Tigers to have much better experiences in pre-school and kindergarten.  Karate Kids aged 7 – 12 learn these techniques to have better focus and discipline while in class.  This helps improve their grades and general educational experience.  Teens and Adults experience fun and challenging fitness while learning valuable and practical self defense skills.  Newton Black Belt Academy is here to help your family achieve success!

Karate Kids

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