Self-Esteem for Kids and Adults at Black Belt Academy

Self-Esteem for Kids and Adults at Black Belt Academy

By Black Belt Academy in Surrey, BC

Self-esteem is a psychological term used to indicate a person’s total emotional assessment of his or her own value. It is important for adults as well as children to have a high self esteem. Even though children are not usually aware of what self esteem is, they feel its presence or absence in many situations. Your kids are the ones who suffer the most as they don’t know how to deal with lack of self-esteem. Most of the time the kids go into a shell and they find it hard to come out of their comfort zone. In many cases kids need help from someone who is very close to them. Sometimes, joining a self-help group helps as it builds confidence and helps kids in overcoming their shyness.  Read further for more information on Self-Esteem for Kids and Adults at Black Belt Academy

However, the most effective way of getting back your self-esteem is to enroll yourself in self-defense classes like some kind of martial arts training program such as karate or taekwondo. It has been found to be very useful for both adults and kids. After attending these self-defense classes, most of the kids have found a way to overcome their lack of self-esteem and they’ve started feeling a lot better about their overall self-worth.

With back to school starting this next week, kids need positive self esteem more than ever!  Kids with low self-esteem are the ones most likely to get bullied.  No matter how many programs or how much tax dollars are spent in BC, bullying is still a problem!  Our staff present Bullying Prevention and Self-Esteem programs every year to our local public schools.  Black Belt Academy has the ongoing programs that are going to help your child’s self esteem!

At  Black Belt Academy you can see people of all ages and genders training it out among themselves and getting this feeling of self-belief. It is not only beneficial for them in the short-run, but in the future also they may face a lot of difficult conditions and this training would definitely help them cope with any such uncomfortable situation.

For adults, especially for women, it would be helpful in dealing with people who may be stalking them and have the wrong intentions and ensure that they avoid a state where they lose all their self-esteem.

ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE – SEPT. 17TH!  Free Bullying Prevention Classes.  Free Self-Esteem for Kids and Adults.  Must Call to Register.  Door Prizes including Free Birthday Parties and Programs will be drawn.

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Submitted by Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk
8th Degree Black Belt
ATA International Judge
BA Education

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